About Us

Ampcera Inc. is a U.S.-based innovator and global leader in the development and commercialization of solid-state electrolyte materials for high performance lithium batteries and their upstream & downstream industries.

Ampcera is currently collaborating with major automotive OEMs and battery makers to accelerate the integration of its solid-state electrolyte technology in revolutionary high-performance lithium batteries with higher energy and power density, faster charging, superior safety, and lower cost.

Funding & Investment Opportunities

Ampcera is a fast growing company with triple-digit revenue growth year-over-year. The company is further funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office and investors from the Silicon Valley and beyond.  Please contact us to discuss current and future investment opportunities at Ampcera. 

Meet The Team

The founding team members include world class battery and materials scientists and engineers, marketing, operations, and IP law specialists

Sumin Zhu, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Materials Engineering Expert
Business Strategist

Hui Du, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Solid State Electrolyte Materials Expert

Dawei Liu, Ph.D.

Battery Materials Expert, IP Law Specialist, J.D. from Harvard Law School

Mr. Alan Lin
Business Advisor

Experienced Businessman
Serial Entrepreneur
Angel Investor